About the documentary

A story about a Balinese painter who discovered the fingerprint technique which is part of the pointillism style by accident and claimed to be the only one in the world. In the midst of his old age, the painter experienced the glow and dim of his popularity on his own island, abandoned from the hustle and bustle of the world of celebrity art, and his health began to decline in the middle of the pandemic era. Now the artist shares his fingerprint to open the door of many untold stories and is looking for self-validation because he refuses to be forgotten by history to leave an imprint for the next generation. Sharing his life history from thick feudalism, the colonial era, the era of mass murder in Bali to the bombing terror that became the turning point of his life.


Sebuah cerita tentang pelukis Bali yang menemukan teknik sidik jari yang merupakan bagian dari gaya pointilisme secara tidak sengaja dan menjadikannya satu – satunya di dunia. Di tengah usia yang lanjut, sang pelukis telah mengalami sinar dan redupnya popularitasnya di pulaunya sendiri, ditinggalkan dari hiruk pikuk dunia selebritas seni dunia, dan kesehatan yang mulai menurun di tengah era pandemi. Kini sang seniman membagikan kunci sidik jarinya untuk membuka pintu kepada cerita – cerita yang belum diketahui dan juga sedang mencari validasi dirinya karena menolak dilupakan oleh sejarah untuk meninggalkan jejak bagi generasi berikutnya. Membagikan sejarah hidupnya dari feodalisme yang kental, era kolonialisme, era pembunuhan massal di Bali hingga teror bom yang menjadi titik balik hidupnya.

Meet The Team

Agus Wiranata

Director Of Photography

Agus was born in Gianyar – Bali and graduating from Graphic Design and Communication Study in Bali, Agus has strong interest toward audio visual, multimedia and broadcast industry. His career started when he was a video editor in Jimbarwana TV, a local government owned TV station. Then he continued his career in several other TV and Radio Companies, such as in Kompas Dewata TV and the former was in MNC Biro Bali as Chief Post Production, supervised news, program and motion graphic editing. 

In 2009, he co-founded traxvideo, a production house based in Bali that focuses on event and corporate events where the company also produced several documentary and fiction films independently where he takes the role as Director of Photography.

I Putu Oka Sudarsana


Born and raised in Bali, Oka has been interested in art since a very young age. He joined theater in his senior high school in Denpasar. Oka continued his study in animation at New Media Interactive and Computer College. After graduating, he started his career in the local broadcast industry, where he joined Dewata TV, MNC TV, and Bali Radio. 

Oka was also interested in filmmaking where he experimented in both documentary and fiction. His works won some competitions and were selected by some festivals in Indonesia and internationally, such as Gramedia, Denpasar Documentary Film Festival, Thai Short Film and Video Festival, etc.

Ni Ketut Sudiani

Researcer/ Writer

Ni Ketut Sudiani was born in Bali and studied in the English Department, Faculty of Letters, Udayana University. Sudiani has been actively involved in several organisations that focused on art, culture, literature, youth, and community development. She was chosen as one of the Young Leaders for Indonesia, was awarded as the first runner up of Journalist Award Bali, and now is a part of the Sahaja Community and PCMI Bali. She is currently working as a journalist. 

She writes poetry, essays, prose, and novels. Some of Sudiani’s works have been published in local and national newspapers, such as Kompas, Media Indonesia, Suara Merdeka, Jurnal Nasional, Bali Post, Radar Bali, Journal Sundih, etc.

Nirartha Bas Diwangkara


Nirartha was born in Denpasar – Bali and has shown interest in cinema since elementary school. He graduated from Faculty of Letter in Udayana University and has been working in some tourism organizations before he actively volunteered in film screening communities in Bali, such as Youth Corner and Minikino. 

His passion in cinema has been growing into filmmaking and in 2014, he has been selected to join CCIP (Community College Initiative Program) facilitated by AMINEF (American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation) to study Digital Media Emphasize in Filmmaking for one year and do an internship in a local film festival in USA. 

After the program, Nirartha decided to be an entrepreneur and make movies. In 2018, he co-founded Film Sarad, a film production community where his short that he wrote and directed has been selected for the pilot project. His films have won some film competitions and have been screened in Asia and Europe.